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Turn up the volume on your life

We offer name-brand hearing aids starting at only $45/month!


Turn up the volume on your life

We offer name-brand hearing aids starting at only $45/month


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Why We’re Somerset Kentucky’s Preferred Choice

In-House Financing

Somerset Hearing Aid Center provides affordable solutions to our patients who have suffered hearing loss and may need hearing aids. We offer in-house financing so credit doesn’t interfere with your ability to get quality hearing instruments to help you reconnect with your loved ones and enjoy your life.

Customer Service

At Somerset Hearing Aid Center, we believe in putting our customers first. Our patients receive best-in-class care from our certified hearing experts. To protect your investment, each of our hearing aids comes with a warranty include to cover repairs, adjustments, programming, and cleanings.

Advanced Hearing Technology

Our powerful hearing aids offer a variety of colors, designs and advanced technological features to help you communicate better and enjoy the things you once used to love. Many of our hearing aids include advanced features like smartphone compatibility, near invisibility, water resistance and wireless capabilities.

Affordable Hearing Solutions

As your local hearing care provider, Somerset Hearing Aid Center is dedicated to providing you with personalized, professional care that helps you reconnect to people you love and the things that you love to do. Whether you’re looking for help with loss of hearing, tinnitus or general ear care, our professional staff of hearing experts are here to assist you.

Services We Provide


At Somerset Hearing Aid Center, our service technicians provide affordable repairs for all makes, brands and models. While your hearing instrument is being repaired by our service technicians, we will provide you a loaner hearing aid at no charge to you.

No Charge Hearing Exams

Do you have difficulty hearing? We provide a full-service hearing exam at no charge to new patients. A full evaluation will us our hearing experts understand your existing hearing ability and identify your unique needs.  We will take as much time as necessary to help you find the perfect solution that fits your lifestyle.

Additional Services Include:

  • Re-tubing of all Behind-the-Ear hearing instruments
  • Programming assistance for all makes, brands and models.


Call (606) 561-6727 to Schedule Your Free Hearing Exam Today!

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What our clients are saying

“I was amazed at how efficient and smooth my appointment was!! I called with questions and Jim answered all and didn’t make me feel silly or embarrassed by asking so many questions! I have had problems (even checked at Aveda and “it’s fine”) for a while missing words, misunderstanding, thinking someone was mumbling, etc— my gosh!!! I had no idea how clear and crisp the hearing aids would make things!!! It was like the first time I put on my glasses! Noises I never heard, made me jump- like a stapler?! Whoa! I never say “huh” or “what?”… And I haven’t had to use closed caption on my tv!! I couldn’t have asked for easier- Jim came to my work(!) tested me, fitted me, did the adjustment and sent me home with a set to make sure I was happy with them… He followed up with me on Tuesday in person! I have passed out a ton of cards to coworkers and friends cause I have been so thrilled!! Don’t wait, call Jim!!!” - Jennifer Poore

“My mom has just recently dealt with Jim Kimbal’s company and we couldn’t be more happy with his hearing aids and wonderful, personable service he provides. Even today, Saturday, with roads so icy and treacherous, Jim still made his way to her home out in the country in Shelby County to make some adjustments to her newly purchased hearing aids. While other companies were priced at thousands of dollars per aid, Jim”s prices blows the competition out of the water. We are so pleased in working with Jim and will definitely recommend him to friends and others we might be associated with. Now my 83 year old mother is hearing sounds, voices from a distance like she couldn’t before thanks to Jim Kimbal” - Richard Woods

“Jim came by. When my friend Bro. Ivan retired and Jim took over I was so concerned as to whether I would continue to get the excellent service that I had been use to. But I have found Jim to be sooo pleasant in personality and service. Every time I have called him he was prompt to return my call and see me surprisingly soon. I have highly recommend him to others. Thank you Jim for your service.” - George Rice

“Jim Kimble is an expert in his field. I was privileged to learn about the art of fitting hearing instruments under his supervision. He cares deeply about the satisfaction of his clientele. Jim is a good egg. You will not regret putting your hearing in his hands.” - Kelley Toon

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